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A representative of the Parents' Committee

كلمة ممثل لجنة أولياء الأمور

Dear students

What a nice moment you are living in, it is the time you were all waiting for, it's the first step of harvest after your 12 years of studying.

 I'm saying it's the first step for harvest, because you will do more and more, and you will always pursuit for the best.

I hope each one of you has a plan that would lead him to achieve his target and goals, whatever it is and wherever it will be; I wish you all success and happiness

Dear teachers,

On behalf of everybody in this hall I would like to say thank you; By efforts, time, speech and teach you gave; you made it done.

Like every year you are providing a new stream of well-educated people to our society, as per our religion from Quran and Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him Sunnah, education was always a major topic been encouraged for, so your jobs are not just a normal job It's really a holly job that we all respect.

Dear teachers

Your students will never forget you and even for some tough memories they may have they should forgive you, they will realize that you gave them fuel and spark to carry on next stages of the university and practical life, dear teachers thank you again.

Dear parents,

Congratulation! Trees known by its fruit, you are watching your son standing up on that stage as a new book and a new page, thanks for your continuous support by giving them needed power and encourage.

And on top of that this is the good result of your Dua’a to them, God bless them and hope you will always see them passing from success to another.

Last but not least I would like to thank Edugate owners and management team for improving this educational edifice, wishing you all the best and wishing this school year after year an endless success.

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